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199.6€/L Unique Koi special adhesive tube 50ml extra strong permanently elastic

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Unique Koi special adhesive tube 50ml extra strong permanently elastic• Special adhesive tube 50ml
• weatherproof and UV-proof
• temperature-proof from -40°C to 90°C
• Ideal to be covered with diverse paint coats
• Immediately rain-proof
• Permanently flexible

If you have any questions - please give us this item number: 7030011 Unique Koi special adhesive is a permanently elastic sealant with an enormous adhesive force. The special adhesive is solvent-proof and isocyanate-free and therefore odorless and absolutely free of silicone (100%). There is an excellent adhesion which holds true for the most dry or wet surfaces (without primer).
Adhesion and sealing of concrete, glass, stones, plaster, masonry, nature stones, wood, polyester, GFK (glass fibre reinforced plastic), PVC, HPL and many others.
The black adhesive can be used for the sealing or adhesion of most common materials in ponds and aquarium. The area to be glued should be treated with adhesive cleaner before in order to remove any grease residuals and to make the adhesive optimally adhere. The adhesive can be painted with most of the commercial paints and is rainproof straight from being applied.
sku 7030011
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Manufacturer Unique Koi
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