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al 800 for 2v 6v and 12v battery automatic charger car motorcycle

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? 2V / 6V / 12V
? Switching power supply technology

H-Tronic AL 800 for 2V 6V and 12V Battery Automatic Charger Car Motorcycle• 2V / 6V / 12V
• Switching power supply technology

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With this automatic small-loader in modern switching power supply technology, you can automatically charge all 2 volts, 6 volts and 12 volts lead-acid batteries. If during the charging, the connected battery achieves the charging end voltage, the charging current is regulated back. By this means the battery is protected against overcharging.

Due to the fully electronic voltage and current limit, a connected battery is always kept at the optimum charging and simultaneously prevents the dangerous overcharging and the resulting formation of explosive detonating gas.

The battery charges with a maximum load current of 800 mA. The battery charger prevents the harmful discharge, for instance, by normal discharge (about 1% per day) or due to insufficient charging periods (short distance), overload (to many consumers) and a possibly too low loading capacity of the alternator. The charging voltage can be set from 2 volts, 6 volts and 12 volts via a sliding switch. For a short time the charger is short-circuit proof as well as reverse-polarity proof. A reverse polarity is indicated via an LED control light.

A charging controll and polarity indicator give information about the charger´s correct state of operation. This battery charger provides for a gentle charging (IU-characteristic). At any time it keeps ready motorcycles, cars, classic cars, ships, campers, tractors and any equipment that is not used for a longer period of time (for instance during the wintertime), thus protecting the battery against harmful deep discharge. An overloading of the battery is excluded. This also applies for maintenance-free lead and lead-gel respectively, exid, AHG, AGM, micro fleece and acid batteries.

• modern switching power supply technology
• Short-circuit proof protection and reverse polarity protection
• Constant final charging voltage
• Automatic charging current adjustment
• No charging when battery is connected polarity-reversed
• Charging takes place only when battery is connected correctly
• Visual display regarding power, charge and reverse polarity
• Electronic short-circuit protection, revese polarity and overload protection
sku 30566
net Weight [kg] 0.1800
Inner surface / exterior surface smooth / smooth
operating voltage 230 V / 50Hz
Material Plastic
Colours black
Manufacturer H-Tronic
Weight [kg] 0,24
Dimensions 85 x 65 x 35mm (LxBxH)
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