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Manera Exo Hüfttrapez - Blau/Gelb M

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Klaus Tiefenbacher
Lerchenweg 58
04821 Waldsteinberg

Manera EXO Kite Windsurf Hüfttrapez


Spreader down system

The spreader bar is pulled down in the middle of the bar with the spreader down strap. The system prevents the bar from rotating upwards.

The HP loop

The HP loop is included but in a simplified version without the D-ring attachment points. To use the HP loop simply pull over the side buckles.

Soft neoprene edges

The edges of the harness are made of folded neoprene. The double neoprene ensures high comfort and prevents any discomfort from the stiffer parts of the harness.

Multi spreaderbar 3.0

The webbing of the two points system is placed on different locations to spread the load more evenly over the harness. This also keeps the spreader bar from moving upwards.

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