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Hozelock air pump 4W max 320l/h complete set weatherproof housing diaphragm pump

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Hozelock air pump 4W max 320l/h complete set weatherproof housing diaphragm pump
- high air performance along with low power consumption
- Output: 320 l/h max.
- Increases the oxygen content
- in aquarium & pond water
- Cable length 3m
- Extensive accessories

If you have any questions - please give us this item number: 7001814

In order to keep the biological balance in the pond it is necessary to provide it consistantly and sufficiently with oxygen. Especially in summer, when the water is warmed up by the sun, the oxygen content may drop quickly. Apart from the fatal consequences for the pond inhabitants, the increased temperature of the water along with excessive food and higher activity of the fish may lead easily to an unpleasant turbidity of water. In this case a pond ventilator can act effectively and provide for a healthy oxygen climate in the artificial underwater world.

In winter, the use of an Air pump makes the pond surface not freeze completely. By this means, on the one hand fermentation gases can escape, on the other hand the water is supplied with the vital oxygen.
The basic way of function of a pond ventilator is always similar. With the help of a pump the air is put in a manifold via a hose. The manifold adds the air to the water. The use of ventilation plates and special stones for outpouring is recommended to supply the water evenly with oxygen.

A criterion for the decision of the suitable pond ventilation is the size of your pond, the amount of pond inhabitants as well as the amount of oxygen-producing plants. Additionally, the sort and amount of feeding are of essential importance. A crucial rule says: The average pump performance should correspond appoximately to a quarter of the pond volume.

Air pumps are well-suited in aquariums. The additional ventilation of an aquarium is highly recommended in case of illness treatment, since an increased oxygen consumption is to be expected and the flow of the medication dispensed in the water.
With the sun shining several hours a day on the aquarium, it is recommended to make use of a ventilation pump , so that the water can not warm up.
sku 7001814
net Weight [kg] 1.0500
Input voltage 230V ~ 50Hz
max. Delivery rate 320 l/h
Delivery Head 1.2m
cable length 3 m
Manufacturer Hozelock
Power 4 W
Hose connection Ø / Inch 4 mm
Pump Equipment Air hose, air stone, air distributior

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