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Automatic Breeding Machine 15 Eggs incubator brooder hatcher automatic turning

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WilTec Wildanger Technik GmbH
Bernd Wildanger
Königsbenden 12
52249 Eschweiler
Fax: 02403 555 92 15
Automatic Breeding Machine 15 Eggs incubator brooder hatcher automatic turning
• Ideal incubator for small series.
• Fully automatic turning system
• Automatic regulation of temperature
• Automatic regulation of moisture
• LED temperature display
• Heating periods display by LED
• Fan provides for air circulation

If you have any questions - please give us this item number: 51075

Ideal incubator for small and up to medium-sized series.

Thanks to electronic control, a very accurate setting of the desired temperature between 25 - 39.5 °C is possible.

By the proper and diligent handling of the Egg-Incubator you reach proper breeding lines and a high slip rate of healthy chicks.

Designed for up to 15 eggs suitable for a perfect cultivation of your poultry eggs like chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs or even reptile eggs.

Please note the size and the respective breeding temperatures.

The fully automatic hatching machine regulates the desired target temperature of your brood.

According to this model the eggs need not to be turned by hand. During the time of breeding the incubator regulates the process such as the time of incubation, the temperature, the turning of the eggs and an alarm that gives warning in case of any deviation of the target temperature. The temperature, the turning intervals and the period of breeding are programable.

Any process is automaticly regulated and conducted.

• Fully automatic turning system
• automatic regulation of temperature
• LED temperature display
• heating periods display by LED
• Gullies an fan for automatic regulation of moisture
• fan provides for air circulation
• Rust laying easily to clean
sku 51075
net Weight [kg] 2.1500
Input voltage 230V ~ 50Hz
cable length 1.2m
Manufacturer WilTec
Power 100 W
Accuracy ± 1°C
Egg Capacity 15 Chicken Eggs

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