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Set: Pond Filter 90000l SuperEco


Set: Pond Filter 90000l SuperEco 80W Pump 18W UVC Clarifier 460

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Set: Pond Filter 90000l SuperEco 80W Pump 18W UVC Clarifier 460
- XXL-Pond Filter Set - consists of:
- SunSun Pond Filter for Garden Ponds up to 90000l
- UVC-Pond Clarifiers with 18W
- SunSun NEO Pump up to 10000l/h / 80W

If you have any questions - please give us this item number: 54460

This special set is desgined for medium up to large-sized ponds up to 90000l and offers the accessories needed for your pond.

The SunSun bio-pond filter CBF-350C provides fast and safely clear water despite its compact design. This pond filter system is supported by a powerful pond clarifier (sterilizer) 18W, connected directly to the pond filter in order to make optimal use of the pond filter capacity..

A powerful eco-pond pump supplies the whole system with sufficient water by low energy consumption of only 80 Watt by 10000 l/h.
sku 54460
net Weight [kg] 27.9500
Manufacturer WilTec
Pond size with fish 20.000l (KOI), 40.000l
Pond size without fish 90.000l

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